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A White Noise: Reordering Chaos

New Exhibition

On March 8th, 2024,  El Schomburg | Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo opened a new exhibit titled A White Noise: Reordering Chaos. This curatorial proposal reunites 11 Puerto Rican artists living in Chicago and Puerto Rico. The collection presented at El Schomburg became an invitation to reimagine the given, assimilated, and resisted intersectionalities between invisible/visible, silence, grief, memory, climate change, home/nature, resistance, and spiritualities experienced through personal and collective narratives. 


At a glance, all pieces share “whiteness” as both a metaphor and point of departure/exchange for overdue conversations around the construction of womanhood in Puerto Rican culture.  From internalized misogyny to the generational trauma embodied in ideas of purity, decency, and power.  To layering concepts of racial identity, body, and spiritual sovereignty. To a deeper discussion of mental health and ancestral and native healing practices. 


Each piece provides a new opportunity to contextualize the above by framing what profoundly belongs to each artist unaltered: beyond the material, the expected, and the visible. 


A White Noise: Reordering Chaos will be at El Schomburg until April 20th, 2024. The gallery opens on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm and Monday through Friday by appointment. For more information and updates, visit our Instagram @elschomburg or our website

Featured Artists:

Anais Caro

Bibiana Suárez

Brenda Lee Hernández

Brenda Torres-Figueroa

Christine Abigail Meinders

Iliamarie Vázquez

Mara Ayala

Naia Wakai-Torres

Norah Hernández

Sandra Antongiorgi

Sonia Baez-Hernández

Yolanda Velazquez

Machuca II (1).jpg
3_ Refuge _ Remixed _ 2021.jpg

Art Gallery Space

Deyaneira Lucero, Machuca 1.

2022. Photography/Media

Art Production Studio

Juan Pablo Vizcaino | Cangrejo Arriba

2023. Mix Media

Art Education Lab

Brenda Torres-Figueroa, Refuge

2000-2003 Interdisciplinary Arts/Media


We are proudly located in Paseo Boricua at:

2538 W Division St. Chicago IL 60622



by Appointment Only | Call/Text 312.646.8278



11AM to 1PM

2PM to 6PM

Art Gallery


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